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Dogs & Cream

in Racine County
2721 Douglas Ave
Racine, WI
Casual Ice Cream Shop
City of Racine
American Ice Cream Vegan/Vegetarian


Points of Interest within 1 Mile

Corner Bar & Grill
Dining, Nightlife
108 76th St
Caledonia, WI
0.28 miles away
Beacon Tavern & Grill
Dining, Nightlife
3113 Douglas Ave
Racine, WI
0.32 miles away
Gus's Gyros
2100 Douglas Ave
Racine, WI
0.38 miles away
Racine Curling Club
Curling, Sports
1914 Melvin Ave
Racine, WI
0.39 miles away
Double D Charter Fishing Inc.
Fishing, Sports
2204 Shoop St
Racine, WI
0.51 miles away
Rooster's Family Restaurant
1521 Yout St
Racine, WI
0.56 miles away
Midwest Market at 2210
2210 Rapids Dr
Racine, WI
0.60 miles away
The Sausage Kitchen
1706 Rapids Dr
Racine, WI
0.61 miles away
Horlick Park and Root River Parkway
Fishing, Parks, Sports, Sports Facilities
300 Horlick Dr (Liberty St)
Racine, WI
0.73 miles away
Racine Zoo
Wedding Venues
2131 N Main St
Racine, WI
0.78 miles away
Racine Raiders Football Club
Sports Entertainment
1648 N Memorial Dr
Racine, WI
0.86 miles away
Chubbies Pizzeria
619 High St
Racine, WI
0.96 miles away
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