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Racine County eating options will satisfy even the pickiest of tastebuds! You’ll find everything from Italian to Chinese and Mexican to good ol’ classic hamburgers.

Our local bill of fare includes so many eateries you could choose a restaurant du jour all year ’round. Restaurant menus are as varied as the appetites of customers who frequent the establishments. Popular picks include mom-and-pop diners, fast food franchises, meat-and-potato supper clubs, and casual cafés.

Trendy cuisine and classy clubs please even the most discriminating diner’s palate. Whether you prefer sushi or spaghetti, pizza pie or apple pie, a burger and fries, or a multi-course gourmet feast, you will savor the boundless delicacies found in Racine.

A melting pot in its own right, Racine County offers a smorgasbord of ethnic restaurants. Homemade meals are served daily at a menagerie of family-owned Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, BBQ, and Mexican restaurants.

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