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Quilts on Barns

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Racine County is home to one of the first barn quilt projects in the state. Beginning in 2009, this public art project has placed dozens of colorful quilt patterns, mounted on 8-by-8 foot wooden squares, on barns throughout Racine County.

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The goal of the project was to highlight the unique architecture and history of barns in our county, educate residents and visitors on Racine County’s rich quilting tradition, and promote quilting as a form of art.

Sponsored by the Racine Arts Council in conjunction with Visit Racine County, these distinctive designs include common quilt patterns seen more on fabric canvases such as Bear Paw, Wild Goose Chase, and Tulip Basket.

Many of the area’s most popular attractions are minutes from the Quilts on Barns route. The route, which threads its way throughout the countryside, is incredibly photogenic in the spring and fall months. We recommend scheduling a half or full day to see all of the art installations.

A free Quilts on Barns brochure is available at the Racine County Visitor Center, 14015 Washington Ave., Sturtevant.

For the most current list of Quilts on Barns, see our interactive map below

West of I-94

Swing on a Star, 17201 Old Yorkville Rd., Union Grove

Cornucopia, 19030 Plank Rd., Union Grove

Vine of Friendship, 29614 Mt. Tom Rd., Burlington

54-40 or Fight, 28503 Durand Ave., Burlington

Wheat Matters, 34120 Spring Prairie Rd., Burlington

Log Cabin, 2826 Maple Rd., Burlington

Waterford Windmill, 5202 Buena Park Rd., Waterford

Indian Trail, 6203 Big Bend Rd., Waterford

Connecting the Arts, 6314 S. Loomis Rd., Wind Lake

Tulip Basket, 6119 Heg Park Rd., Wind Lake

Wisconsin Heartland, 27402 Malchine Rd., Waterford

Wild Goose Chase, 22020 W. Seven Mile Rd., Franksville

Mosaic Twirl, 1509 51st St., Caledonia

Sawtooth 16 Patch, 5200 Raynor Ave., Franksville

Tennessee Star, 4603 108th St., Franksville

East of I-94

Lady of the Lake, 1330 Borgardt Rd., Sturtevant

Indian Paintbrush, 1637 Airline Rd., Racine

Ohio Star Variation, 4638 Nicholson Rd. Franksville

Black-Eyed Susan, 5553 Short Rd., Racine

Blue Ribbon Horse, 5518 WI-31, Racine

Rusty Horseshoes, 5750 Five Mile Rd., Racine

Corn & Beans, 6123 Hwy 38, Franksville

Four Flags, 8024 Nicholson Rd., Caledonia

Churndash, 8140 Foley Rd., Racine

Square in a Square, 5915 Seven Mile Rd., Racine

Quarter Horse Cross, 7930 Botting Rd., Racine

Bear Paw, 7133 Michna Rd., Racine

Mariners Compass, 4130 Lighthouse Dr., Wind Point

Get your official Racine County Map and QoB Barn Card at one of these two locations:

Racine County Visitor Center
14015 Washington Ave.
Sturtevant, WI

Norway Town Hall
6419 Heg Park Rd.
Wind Lake, WI

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